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Software Engineer & Umbraco Specialist

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I'm a software engineer from London, and I never stop learning.

For the last 6 months I have worked for Hitachi as an Umbraco Consultant, working on the Value Retail PLC client account.

Value Retail is a real estate business that own several luxury shopping villages around Europe. My role was to work with the website development team in London and build a brand-new offshore team that would take over from them at the end of the year.

Notably one of the tasks that had to be carried out during this contract was a detailed Umbraco Upgrade plan, allowing Value Retail to be able to take advantage of the very latest version.

14 years’ experience working with C#/SOLID. I love MVC, doing quite a lot of Umbraco these days, however I am not exclusively an Umbraco Developer.

Inspired by one man.

This is a true story..

I know it may sound like a cliche, but as far back as I can remember, I always loved computers. I was fascinated.

How did they work? What could you make them do? How could you make one?

When I was 14, during the summer holidays I took part in the Tower Hamlets Summer University programme. I enrolled on a short course called ‘Surf's Up’. One of my teachers was impressed by my enthusiasm, he started to give me extra lessons outside of the course. - The rest is history.

He really inspired me, we are still good friends today.




February - June 2020

Senior Umbraco Developer @ Aso Rock Resturant

While on furlough due to Covid-19. I created an online food delivery platform for my family business. Aso Rock Restaurant. Aso Rock now provide Nigerian Food Delivery service to any address in London.

JULY 2018 – JANUARY 2019


  • Delivered Umbraco Training to an off-shore development team in India.
  • Responsible for creating a series of Knowledge Transfer documents and demonstrations videos for other developers
  • Worked closely with the London based team in order to design a specific Umbraco training course for the offshore Indian team.
  • General bug fixing, and refactoring
  • Worked with CMS managers to translate their requirements in to defined user stories that developers could implement.
  • Working in multiple locations with different teams, organizing and leading internal and external meetings
  • Created an Umbraco Upgrade plan detailing every technical step required to upgrade Umbraco from their current version to the very latest.
Jan 2018 - July 2018

ASP.net MVC - EPiServer Developer @ Truphone

  • Extended EPiServer Back Office to create dynamic PDF generation functionality.
  • Integrated Marketo API to provide detailed customer insights, tracking and progressive profiling.
  • Provide a customised user experience based on the users geographical location.
  • General bug fixing, and refactoring.
  • Implemented GDPR requirements for the Truphone website.
  • Created technical test for potential feature developers.
  • Worked very independently by researching and developing solutions to all technical issues relating to truphone.com
  • Communicated and collaborated with other developers via Project Management Software JIRA
July 2017 - November 2017

Umbraco Consultant @ Triple (Holland)

  • Customise UI of Umbraco Back office to create custom section. 
  • Working closely with the project manager to translate client requirements in to technical tasks for sprint planning.
  • Transferring Umbraco Specific knowledge to other developers with no Umbraco Experience.
  • Designed and implemented data-model using entity framework and code first migrations.
  • Created .NET framework for generating and reusing existing Umbraco property editors.
  • Integrated third party Java Script Library in to Umbraco Back office to provide drag and drop functionality to manage data.
  • Worked very independently with limited supervision from senior architects.
  • Communicated and collaborated with other developers via Project Management Software JIRA.
  • Prepared functionality progress demos for periodic client meetings.
  • Side Project: Converted ReactJS static HTML in to Dynamic Umbraco CMS website. 

ASP.net / Angular 1 / Code First Entity Frame Work / Umbraco / C# / SQL / Cosmos DB / Azure

April 2017 - June 2017

Umbraco Developer @ Addison-Group

  • Website Refresh for Oxford University’s Rhodes Trust.
  • Designed & Implemented Scholarship application process, managed via Umbraco.
  • Delivered a component based, flexible content management system.
  • Integrated twitter & Facebook API’s to provide live data to the home page.
  • Detailed granular settings, allowing high customisation and giving content editors, control over navigation, layout, appearance and behaviour of page modules.
  • Using Umbro Events, extended back office functionality to convert CSV database in to JSON data. In-order to provide search functionality on the front end.
  • Responsible for all internal deployments.
  • Communicated and collaborated with other developers via Project Management Software JIRA
  • Worked closely with senior stake holders and took part in client meetings.
January 2017 - March 2017

C# Application Developer @ JABBER WOKIE

  • Due to government legislation, the water industry is changing, the goal of this project was to create a new digital platform for South East Water to meet these new regulations.
  • Created two different websites driven by a single Umbraco Installation.
  • Heavy customisation to Umbraco’s default behaviour, using Umbraco Events.
  • Sharing Umbraco specific knowledge with other developers with little or no Umbraco Experience.
  • Created a series of Windows Services using the .NET libraries Top-shelf, Quartz and SSH.Net. These services are used to synchronise data between the Umbraco Application and other parts of the South-East Water’s internal administration systems.
  • Working with senior stake holders and project directors.
  • In addition to working on this project, I was also tasked with:
    A. Diagnosing and fixing bugs in other existing Umbraco projects.
    B. Creating a Visual Studio Solution from an existing Umbraco website, because the source code for this slightly older project code not be located.
    C. Sitting in on client meetings and recommending the best approach to meet new requirements.

ASP.net / WFC / Umbraco / C# / SQL / Entity Frame Work

August 2016 - October 2016

ASP.Net Lead Back End Developer @ Fjord

  • Upgrade to Existing Insurance Quotation System
  • Created Restful WCF API from an existing legacy Application.
  • Refactoring and optimizing C# code.
  • Ensuring that the applications behavior was not impacted.
  • Managing TFS code Base.
  • Working with senior stake holders and project directors.
  • Technical Consultant during client meetings.
  • Responsible for application deployment
  • Created Application Documentation.
  • Briefing front end developers on how to implement APIs.
  • Developed Strategies for improved collaborative working.
  • Working in Agency Environment.
  • Project Delivered: https://quotes.towergateinsurance.co.uk/

ASP.net / Angular 2 / WFC / Umbraco / C# / SQL / Sub-Sonic ORM / IIS6&7 / Post Man

April 2016 - May 2016

Fugitive @ Channel 4

Being one, in a group of every day civilians, known as Fugitives, I willingly went on the run from a team of former police and intelligence professionals, known as hunters.
Using my skills as an IT professional, I was able to evade the Hunters for 28 days and claim my share of £100,000.

Watch the series on-line here:

January 2016 - April 2016

ASP.net C# Applications Developer @ The Bio Agency

  • Touched on Database Graph models and Reactive / Flux patterns.
  • Created fronting and work behaviours which worked with immutable objects and collections.
  • Worked with the back-end team; attending and contributing to sprint planning meetings.
  • Design & development of Data/Domain models, builders and data access layers (stores).
  • Coding and configuring of singleton behaviours
  • Unit and Integration tests to drive development.
  • Working with senior stake holders and project directors.
  • Working closely with front-end team and QAs
  • Agency Environment 
September 2015 - December 2015

Senior .Net Developer @ KHWS - Digital Agency

  • Working on super secret internal enterprise software.
  • Working Independently to add new features, optimise code and make changes to the current software architecture.
  • Improved knowledge around how to use Microsoft Code-first Migrations to manage database sachems
  • General Bug fixing and maintenance

ASP.net / MVC /  C# /  SQL / Razor /  SAML /  Ninject /  Code First

May 2015 - September 2015

Senior .Net Developer @ Merchant Cantos

December 2014 - May 2015

ASP.net Umbraco Developer @ KPMG / Oliver Marketing

  • Using Entity Framework I created a questionnaire to collect the business communities views on important issues in the run up to the 2015 general election.
  • Implemented a cookie based user tracking system for Umbraco. - Using Cookies to track user behaviour and passing this data to SharePoint.
  • Worked on various Umbraco Projects. Versions 7, 6 & 4.
  • Responsible for all live & staging deployments.
  • Integrated Enterprise web site with Eloqua oracle CRM system via REST API.
  • Communicating ideas for Umbraco Configurations to other developers.
  • Worked closely with project managers to meet tight deadlines.
  • Projects Include:
July 2014 - December 2014


  • Upgraded the PharmiWebSolutions.com website from V6 to V7.
  • Created Multi-language Umbraco Websites for brands such as Daiichi Sankyo and GSK.
  • Refactored Existing Legacy Projects, for cleaner, more maintainable code.
  • Resolved major issues with Courier for Umbraco.
    Working with project managers to gather client requirements and convey this information to other developers.
September 2013 - July 2014

Senior .NET Developer @ NETNAMES GROUP LTD

  • Using TDD, created and maintained windows services for monitoring DNS publishing cycles and alerting relevant stake holders where necessary.
  • Refactored unit test libraries to be more effective and provide greater coverage of production code.
  • Added new features to the Platinum Manager - A customer facing MVC based web portal. Using ember.js, jQuery, C# and N-service Bus.
  • Discover and implement improvements to SQL database schema and queries.
  • Migrated ASP.net Websites and their dependent WCF services in to a new hosting environment
  • Maintained CI build scripts. (Jenkins) 
August 2011 - September 2013

Senior .NET Developer @ JACK WILLS LTD

  • Migrating parts of the main www.jackwills.com websites to Umbraco.
  • Using TDD, created web-services to implement a voting system that interacts with social media.
  • Worked on an existing MVC solution, added several features to the www.aubincinema.com website. (LINQ-SQL, SQL Server, C#, Sage Pay, 3d Secure, Microsoft Reporting Tools, Structure map, Entity frame work)
  • Using MVC, created an internal intranet solution for the distribution of PDF documents.
  • Working with web-forms and user controls to create a promotion engine that identified specific www.jackwills.com customers to deliver a customized shopping/experience.
  • Implemented deliver to store functionality, to allow customers to pay online and then collect their product from a store.
  • Using Microsoft Test Manager and C#, created coded UI testing scripts to verify the applications functionality via the user interface.
  • Integrating TFS with Hewlett Packard's application lifecycle management platform for stream lining defect reporting, throughout the business. 
March 2010 - August 2011


  • Using MVC, working on an internal product known as 'The Smarta Business builder', I was part of a team that created a web-based application, aimed at small businesses.
  • Using many different APIs such as moonfruit, intuit, fuse mail, and Google, the Smarta Business Builder delivers a verity of tools for start-ups companies. - This product is now backed and supported by NatWest business banking.
  • Working within Umbraco to publish new content on the internal Smarta website. www.smarta.com



Swansea Metropolitan University

Studied, BSc(Hons) Computer Networks.

1999 - 2003

City & Islington College

Achieved 3 A-levels in Maths, Computing and Electronics.

1994 - 1999

Raines Foundation School

Achieved 10 A*-C GCSEs

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